Badass Interior Design Blog Post Ideas

#1 The How-To Post

Teach your client how to do something that’s related to what you offer. That means if you’re a paint consultant you wouldn’t want to show them how to calculate yardage for reupholstering a chair. As a color consultant, you may want to teach them how to estimate how much paint they need to paint their room.

#2 Behind-The-Scenes

Designers always have sketches, notes, mood boards in the process. Maybe even photos of items you’re sourcing for your latest project. Let your reader in on the process visually. Then you can direct them to your design service *winky face*

#3 Your Process

What’s your design process? How’d you come up with it? Go through your entire process and if it’s gonna be a long post, break it up into several posts (i.e. a series – which gives them something to come back for).

#4 Your Top Tips

You know a lot of stuff, so share your top tips to picking paint colors or how to measure a room in under 10 minutes. Maybe you’ve got some go-to resources that would be really helpful to them that you haven’t shared before? Share it, baby!

#5 Share Your Opinion

By sharing your opinion on something it shows that you’ve got something to say. Maybe you’re like me and you’re over Mason jars. Post about how Mason Jars are now the bane of your existence and why. Maybe you should also share what you think is a better alternative to them. 

#6 How’d You Get Started?

Write a blog post on how you got started. What led you to this point in your life? What fuels your passion for design?

#7 Your A’s to their Q’s

If you’ve created an FAQ page you can turn each of those questions into a blog post. It allows you to elaborate on your process and service.

#8 Free Resource

This will be a list builder, so make it something that’s easy to use and also something that they can get a result from right away. You’re not going to write a 50 page eBook on how to select the right paint colors for your South facing home – but go simple like going over the types of paint sheens for a room and what each sheen is for.