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»Step 1. Research and Space Planning.

This Phase consists of gathering information and developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s design goals. This process begins with an intensive exchange of information. In this Phase the designer creates a preliminary layout.

»Step 2. Concept and development.

The interior designer will create a concept for the interior that correlates with the Client’s vision. Designer provides AutoCAD plans to show space planning of furniture. The Designer will further translate all of the information that has been gathered into additional sketches, design concepts and interior renderings.

»Step 3.Handover.

Executing efficiently and on-point, we deliver a finished project that meet high standards and, most often, exceeds client expectations. After this you will receive a written summary of the consultation, along with tips for further self-realization of the project.



  • Exiting Civil Layout
  • Proposed Civil Layout
  • Proposed Design Plan (With Reference Images)
  • Final Plan
  • SERVICE LAYOUT (With Dimensions)
  • Flooring Layout
  • False Ceiling Layout
  • Furniture Layout
  • Electrical Layout
  • Elevation Layout
  • Material Chart
  • Estimate Chart
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